Themeforest Author Spam on Twitter

I’ve been doing some research on ThemeForest as I’m preparing some themes to enter the market, when I noticed that some authors spam twitter like crazy with their theme plugs. Take for example Alex (@Orange_Idea_RU) he has an automatic script that grabs random quotes puts them into his twitter stream and then puts in 4-5 links with #wordpress hash tag per hour…. I’m getting a bit sick of this going through my twitter stream… what do you guys think of these “marketing” tactics?

You can check out his stream at!/orange_idea_ru and his profile at themeforest. He doesn’t have the greatest amount of sales but I guess it has to be worth it to him. I’m just wondering how twitter hasn’t banned his account yet.


Here is yet another user themoholics who is doing the exact same thing… this theme is doing much better… it’s a well designed theme you can see it at … the question remains do you have to become a spam junkie to push your themeforest themes?

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